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A finite action action principle for Chern-Simons AdS gravity is presented. The construction is carried out in detail first in five dimensions, where the bulk action is given by a particular combination of the Einstein-Hilbert action with negative cosmological constant and a Gauss-Bonnet term; and is then generalized for arbitrary odd dimensions. The(More)
Recent methods developed by Tao [17], Kolountzakis and Matolcsi [7] have led to counterexamples to Fugelde's Spectral Set Conjecture in both directions. Namely, in R 5 Tao produced a spectral set which is not a tile, while Kolountzakis and Matolcsi showed an example of a non-spectral tile. In search of lower dimensional non-spectral tiles we were led to(More)
In this paper we consider a family of random Cantor sets on the line. We give some sufficient conditions when the Lebesgue measure of the arithmetic difference is positive. Combining this with the main result of a recent joint paper of the second author with M. Dekking we construct random Cantor sets F 1 , F 2 such that the arithmetic difference set F 2 − F(More)
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