Péter Koltai

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The long-term distributions of trajectories of a flow are described by invariant densities, i.e. fixed points of an associated transfer operator. In addition, global slowly mixing structures , such as almost-invariant sets, which partition phase space into regions that are almost dynamically disconnected, can also be identified by certain eigenfunctions of(More)
We propose a new approach to the transfer operator based analysis of the conformation dynamics of molecules. It is based on a statistical independence ansatz for the eigenfunctions of the operator related to a partitioning into subsystems. Numerical tests performed on small systems show excellent qualitative agreement between mean field and exact model, at(More)
The global macroscopic behaviour of a dynamical system is encoded in the eigen-functions of a certain transfer operator associated to it. For systems with low dimensional long term dynamics, efficient techniques exist for a numerical approximation of the most important eigenfunctions, cf. [7]. They are based on a projection of the operator onto a space of(More)
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