Péter Kocsis

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A pump and probe fluorometer with a laser diode as single light source has been constructed for measurement of fast induction and relaxation of the fluorescence yield in intact cells, chromatophores and isolated reaction centers of photosynthetic bacteria. The time resolution of the fluorometer is limited by the repetition time of the probing flashes to 20(More)
The development in computing power highlights some forgotten algorithms, which were neglected because of their complexity and slowness on early computers. One example is the Wavelet-Transformation Profilometry (WTP) of which successful application is demonstrated in the paper. WTP is a high level signal processing method using orthogonal algorithms for huge(More)
Canada produces just over 100 tonnes of gold annually from lode, base metal and placer deposits. Placer gold production accounts for about 4.5 tonnes per year with the bulk of production shared between British Columbia and Yukon. In western Canada, gold and other precious metals are recovered from a wide range of Quaternary and Tertiary sediments but the(More)
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