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Bolshevik culture: Experiment and order in the Russian Revolution
In the tumultuous years after the revolution of 1917, the traditional cutlure of Imperial Russia was both destroyed and preserved, as a new Soviet culture began to take shape. This book focuses onExpand
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Autobiography and History
This article is a verbatim reproduction of a talk. In it I posed two questions: 1. To what extent my writing of Hungarian history, 1944–1948 was influenced by my past? 2. To what extent my writing ofExpand
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Cinema and Soviet Society, 1917-1953
n this history of Soviet cinema Peter Kenez describes the pre-revolutionary heritage, the changes brought about by the Revolution, the great flourishing of the golden years of the late 1920s, theExpand
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The Birth Of The Propaganda State
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La marcha triunfal del poder soviético (octubre de 1917-mayo de 1918)
En un articulo de 1915 titulado “El colapso de la Segunda Internacional”, Lenin escribio que el requisito mas importante para que se desarrollara una situacion revolucionaria no era que el pueblo noExpand