Péter Kaliszky

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Altered expression of recently described claudins (CLDNs) as members of tight junction (TJ) transmembrane proteins was noted in several malignancies. We aimed to analyze protein and messenger RNA (mRNA) expressions of different CLDNs in human pancreatic endocrine tumors (PET) and ductal adenocarcinomas. A total of 45 formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded(More)
The most severe complication of ischemia-reperfusion injury following lower limb arterial surgery is reperfusion syndrome. Therefore, our aim was to describe the extent of muscle damage and the reperfusion syndrome-related remote organ lesions in detail, through a well-documented case of long-lasting infrarenal aorta thrombosis. After urgent(More)
OBJECTIVE A 22-year-old woman is presented with acute gastric dilation after an eating binge, who died of complications of acute reperfusion syndrome. METHOD A young patient was admitted in our clinic with critical condition without any significant previous medical history. Her initial complaints--diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain--began after an(More)
Sarcomas of the great vessels are rare. Altogether 400 such cases have been described in the aorta, the pulmonary artery, and inferior vena cava. The clinical symptoms are generally related to embolic phenomena, aneurysm formation, and widespread metastases, especially to bones. With improved diagnostic modalities more cases are diagnosed and treated(More)
INTRODUCTION In Hungary surgeons perform every year more then 2000 operations for treatment of acute arterial occlusion. Because of the advanced age and poor general condition of these patients, the postoperative mortality and complication rate is considerable. AIM Authors analyzed changes in the etiology and therapy of acute arterial occlusions of lower(More)
For the surgical treatment of drug resistant ascites caused by hepatic cirrhosis usually different types of valvular plastic tubes are used, implanted as peritoneo-venous shunts. These shunts drain the ascites into the jugular vein. In the 1st Surgical Department of the Semmelweis University Budapest we have performed 267 peritoneo-venous shunt operations.(More)
Because of the arteriosclerotic involvement of the superficial femoral artery, considerable part of the aorto-femoral reconstructions is performed with an anastomosis on the deep femoral artery. Stenosis of the deep femoral artery is usually limited to the bifurcation or to the first part of the artery; therefore the choice of treatment is desobliteration,(More)
Diagnostics of abdominal tumours is radically changing. The number of diagnostic laparotomies has decreased, while the role of interventional radiological investigations and diagnostic laparoscopies are increasing. We present a case of a patient who had a mesenteric tumour of unknown origin. He refused any kind of interventional radiological investigation(More)
In the last six years we have performed 468 operations because of aortoiliac occlusion or septic complications of these arteries. 410 (87.6%) of these operations were anatomical reconstructions, in 58 (12.4%) patients we performed extra anatomical bypasses. The distribution of the operations was the following; 12 obturator, 23 femoro-femoral crossover, 13(More)
INTRODUCTION In Hungary surgeons perform approximately 24000 cholecystectomies per year. Nowadays the choice of treatment of uncomplicated cholelithiasis is laparoscopic cholecystectomy. The advantages and popularity of the procedure are well known; otherwise the exploration of the abdominal cavity is not so complete than during open surgery. In the course(More)