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Acute cardiovascular dysfunction occurs perioperatively in more than 20% of cardiosurgical patients, yet current acute heart failure (HF) classification is not applicable to this period. Indicators of major perioperative risk include unstable coronary syndromes, decompensated HF, significant arrhythmias and valvular disease. Clinical risk factors include(More)
Various techniques have been proposed to model attacks on systems. In order to understand such attacks and thereby propose efficient mitigations, the sequence of steps in the attack should be analysed thoroughly. However, there is a lack of techniques to represent intrusion scenarios across a system architecture. This paper proposes a new technique called(More)
Designing healthcare information systems is a challenge to software engineering theory and practice. Many requirements engineering (RE) methods demand user-participation, clear functional objectives and a well defined context of use. These demands are hard to meet in the healthcare domain, which is characterized by high diversity, complexity and little time(More)