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The right ventricle (RV) provides sustained low-pressure perfusion of the pulmonary vasculature, but is sensitive to changes in loading conditions and intrinsic contractility. Factors that affect right ventricular preload, afterload or left ventricular function can adversely influence the functioning of the RV, causing ischaemia and right ventricular(More)
Acute cardiovascular dysfunction occurs perioperatively in more than 20% of cardiosurgical patients, yet current acute heart failure (HF) classification is not applicable to this period. Indicators of major perioperative risk include unstable coronary syndromes, decompensated HF, significant arrhythmias and valvular disease. Clinical risk factors include(More)
Various techniques have been proposed to model attacks on systems. In order to understand such attacks and thereby propose efficient mitigations, the sequence of steps in the attack should be analysed thoroughly. However, there is a lack of techniques to represent intrusion scenarios across a system architecture. This paper proposes a new technique called(More)
With the continuously developing technology and growing complexity of software and systems, new demands and challenges appear for security, calling for new techniques and methods in addition to the already existing ones. The variety of initiatives and the variations in the characterizations makes it hard for users to select the most appropriate one for(More)
Information security has played a great role in supporting security of organizational assets. Computes softwares / information systems developers have taken information security into great consideration particularly during systems/software development. There are several modelling languages that can be used to architect security features of information(More)
The idea of security aware system development from the start of the engineering process is generally accepted nowadays and is becoming applied in practice. Many recent initiatives support this idea with special focus on security requirements elicitation. However, there are so far no techniques that provide integrated overviews of security threats and system(More)
BACKGROUND Emphasis in therapy of human septic shock is shifting towards reliable end points and predictors of survival. Rationale is to study whether the evolution of cardiovascular reactivity in view of the administered doses of norepinephrine is an early predictor of in-hospital survival and to determine the optimal threshold of norepinephrine therapy(More)