Péter Györgyi

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In this paper we discuss exact and approximation algorithms for scheduling a single machine with additional non-renewable resource constraints. Given the initial stock levels of some non-renewable resources (e.g. raw materials, fuel, money), and time points along with replenishment quantities, a set of resource consuming jobs has to be scheduled on the(More)
In this paper we establish approximation preserving reductions between scheduling problems in which jobs either consume some raw materials, or produce some intermediate products, and variants of the knapsack problem. Through the reductions, we get new approximation algorithms, as well as inapproximability results for the scheduling problems.
The paper presents new approximability results for single machine scheduling problems with jobs requiring some non-renewable resources (like raw materials, energy, or money) beside the machine. Each resource has an initial stock and additional supplies over time. A feasible schedule specifies a starting time for each job such that no two jobs overlap in(More)
In this paper the approximability of parallel machine scheduling problems with resource consuming jobs is studied. In these problems, in addition to a parallel machine environment, there are non-renewable resources, like raw materials, energy, or money, consumed by the jobs. Each resource has an initial stock, and some additional supplies at a-priori known(More)
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