Péter G. Szabó

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The prevalence of culture-bound syndromes such as eating disorders in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe is unclear and comparative epidemiological studies are lacking. Before the political changes in 1989 we therefore investigated eating disorders, eating attitudes and psychological health in two Eastern European countries and in one Western(More)
Our paper presents a non-destructive thermal transient measurement method that is able to reveal differences even in the micron size range of MEMS structures. Devices of the same design can have differences in their sacrificial layers as consequence of the differences in their manufacturing processes e.g. different etching times. We have made simulations(More)
Thermal functional circuits are an interesting and perspectivic group of the MEMS elements. A practical realization is called Quadratic Transfer Characteristic (QTC) element which driving principle is the Seebeck-effect. In this paper we present the analyses of a QTC element from different perspectives. To check the real behaviour of the device, we measured(More)
A two-stage survey was conducted to determine the prevalence of bulimia and bulimic behavior in 2 Hungarian nonclinical samples. In the college sample 1.3% of females and 0.8% of males met DSM-III-R diagnostic criteria for bulimia nervosa. In the adolescent sample no bulimic subjects were found, weight control behaviors are infrequent, but the attitudinal(More)
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