Péter Fehér

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The development of knowledge management tools shows a difference between the information system practice and the non-technological solutions: most of the time, the direction of the efforts is not presenting the same way, and not integrating each other. It is the same in the real life practice: there is a problem that the technological tools are not able to(More)
In recent years, the MapReduce framework has become one of the most popular parallel computing platforms for processing big data. MapReduce is used by companies such as Facebook, IBM, and Google to process or analyze massive data sets. Since the approach is frequently used for industrial solutions, the algorithms based on the MapReduce framework gained(More)
As internal cloud, and cloud technologies widespread among companies, the responsibility of providing reliable IT infrastructure and adequate capacities became the top priority for companies. While internal clouds and related technologies creates the flexibility for customer, limited IT resources arise problems for providing capacities, that has impact on(More)
—Nowadays model transformation is used frequently in software development. Therefore, its effectiveness and usability have a big influence on the whole development phase. The attributes of the model transformation are mainly determined by the applied model transformation language. The goal is to develop an expressive, versatile but still effectively(More)