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Neurovascular compression (NC) seems to have been confirmed as the major cause of classical trigeminal neuralgia (TN). In spite of the large number of surgically positive cases, however, there are still cases where no vascular compression of the trigeminal nerve can be found. To evaluate whether NC could be demonstrated preoperatively, high-resolution(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Protection devices are increasingly used in carotid artery stenting. However, no randomized trial has been conducted to evaluate the efficacy of such devices, and arguments have also been formulated against their routine use. We set out to investigate the complication rates associated with carotid artery stenting performed without(More)
Rumen-protected choline (RPC) was evaluated for effects on the lipid and glycogen content of the liver and metabolic variables in the blood plasma of dairy cows. Thirty-two Holstein cows were allocated into two groups (RPC group with RPC supplementation and control group without RPC supplementation) 28 days before the expected calving. Cows were fed the(More)
Both acute and chronic instability of the cervical spine can be succesfully treated by anterior crevical fusion. The main goal is to create a spondylodesis through which the instable motion segments are fixed in the position defined by the surgeon. The spondylodesis is realised by the bone healing of the intervertebral space. The consolidation itself is(More)
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