Péter Berényi

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The use of intraoperative ultrasonography in urology was exclusive in open stone surgery to search for residual stones. However, this procedure may applied successfully to renal cancer, if parenchyma-sparing resection or enucleation should performed. Our experience in 6 cases show the helpful use of intraoperative ultrasonography in the judgement of normal(More)
Abdominal, ultrasonography (US) performed on a middle-aged patient who presented with partial urinary retention, long lasting lower back pain, and abdominal pain revealed a cyst in the midline of the prostate. The cyst, which protruded into the bladder, was punctured under US guidance transvesically and sclerotized with 1% Aethoxysklerol. Following this(More)
This paper discusses the on-line identification of non-local static hysteresis functions, which are encountered in mechanical friction, magnetic materials, and piezoelectric actuators and cause problems by the design of controllers. In this article we want to introduce a compensation method for friction in presliding regime, based on the simplified Leuven(More)