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Often fatigue tests of materials are performed with constant amplitude loads. When dealing with variable amplitude loads, like random loads, one forms equivalent load cycles. The now commonly used cycle counting method is rainflow counting which was introduced by Endo in 1968. The equivalent definition of rainflow cycles as illustrated in Figure 1 is due to(More)
Pär Johannesson Department of Mathematical Statistics, Lund Institute of Technology, Lund University, Sweden ABSTRACT: How does the fatigue damage to a vehicle depend on the usage of the vehicle? When it is used in its natural environment by a customer, both the drivers and the environmental properties vary in a more or less random way. One can say that the(More)
Hand hygiene, cleaning and disinfection are pre-requirements for hygiene management in hospital settings and the food industry. In order to facilitate risk management, different contamination scenarios and interventions need to be evaluated. In the present study data on transfer rates and reductions of Staphylococcus aureus were provided in an experimental(More)
We will present an application of the probabilistic branch of Variation Mode and Effect Analysis (VMEA) implemented as a first order, second moment reliability method. First order means that the failure function is approximated to be linear with respect to the main influencing variables, while second moment means that only means and variances are taken into(More)
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