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BACKGROUND Reliable normative data for force platform measurements of postural balance have not been available. METHODS Data on postural balance were collected from a representative nationwide sample of a Finnish population aged >or=30 years (n = 7,979). As part of a comprehensive health survey (Health 2000), postural balance was measured with the help of(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Slowing of psychomotor speed among older individuals has been shown in numerous studies. However, in most cases these studies were based on small and selected groups of people and, in some cases, the test procedures did not allow separation of decision time and motor components of the overall performance. The purpose of the present study(More)
BACKGROUND Positive associations between physical activity and cognitive test performance in depressed subjects have been proposed in clinical studies. The contribution of severity and recency of depressive symptoms at the population level is not known. AIMS This study aims to examine whether regular physical activity associates with better verbal fluency(More)
BACKGROUND There are few reports on mobility limitations in persons with psychotic disorder although restrictions in mobility may aggravate the general functional limitations of these patients. Our aim was to investigate mobility limitations among subjects with psychotic disorder in a general population-based sample. METHODS A nationally representative(More)
OBJECTIVE The association between obesity and disability may differ between high-income and low-income/middle-income countries but there are no studies comparing this association between these settings. The aim of the study was to assess this association in nine countries using nationally-representative data from the Collaborative Research on Ageing in(More)
BACKGROUND Research has demonstrated a bidirectional relationship between physical function and depression, but studies on their association in migrant populations are scarce. We examined the association between mental health symptoms and mobility limitation in Russian, Somali and Kurdish migrants in Finland. METHODS We used data from the Finnish Migrant(More)
BACKGROUND Older adults with hearing difficulties face problems of communication which may lead to underuse of health services. This study investigated the association of hearing loss and self-reported hearing difficulty with the use of health services and unmet health care needs in older adults. METHODS Data on persons aged 65 and older (n = 2144) drawn(More)
BACKGROUND Many ethnic minority populations have poorer health than the general population. However, there is limited knowledge on the possible ethnic gap in physical mobility. We aim to examine the prevalence of mobility limitations in working-age Russian, Somali and Kurdish origin migrants in comparison to the general population in Finland. We also(More)
BACKGROUND The study aimed to identify the most burdensome functioning domains in depression and their differential impact on the quality of life (QoL) of individuals from nine countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. MATERIALS AND METHODS Data from two multi-country projects-the World Health Organization's Study on Global Ageing and Adult(More)
UNLABELLED The built environment (BE) impacts on people's disability and health, in terms of overweight, depression, alcohol abuse, poor self-rated health and presence of psychological symptoms; it is reasonable to assume that BE also impacts on participation levels. This paper presents the validation of the COURAGE Built Environment Self-Reported(More)