Pájaro González

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Cognitive impairment, depression and delirium are problems of high prevalence in older patients. The geriatric convalescence unit (GCU) is a hospitalization facility offering an interdisciplinary geriatric intervention program that may be more appropriate for these patients. This study intended to analyze the functional improvement (FI) in older patients(More)
The objectives of this study were to determine: (1) the sedative effects of dexmedetomidine in combination with methadone, midazolam, or both, and (2) the propofol dose required to achieve endotracheal intubation in healthy dogs. Seven healthy Beagle dogs were included in a prospective experimental, crossover, randomised and masked design. All dogs received(More)
score. Results: Mean DMC per QoL was lowest in Pr, and highest in Hem cancers (ranged 60.1-195.1 TL/global QoL score) (Pr< Gy< CR≈Gas≈Br≈Lng≈H&N< Hem). QoL was lowest in Gy and highest in CR (ranged 53,1-65,2) (Gy< Lng< Pr< Br≈Hem≈H&NC). Total DMC ranged from 3124-13557 TL (Pr≈GY< Br< Gas≈CR< Lng≈H&N< Hem). Depending on the type of the cancer the(More)
NUTRITIONAL STATUS AND NUTRITIONAL RISK AT HOSPITAL ADMISSION Arce L1, Brennan V, 1 Garcés L1, Aello G1, Videla J1, Rios J1, Arnulphi S1, Weisstaub G2 1 Hospital Humberto Nottti, Mendoza, Argentina; 2 Instituto de Nutrición y Tecnología de los Alimentos, Universidad de Chile Background: Malnutrition or undernourishment when entering the hospital is a cause(More)
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