Pádraig Macneela

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INTRODUCTION Internet-delivered psychological interventions among people with chronic pain have the potential to overcome environmental and economic barriers to the provision of evidence-based psychological treatment in the Irish health service context. While the use of internet-delivered cognitive-behavioural therapy programmes has been consistently shown(More)
Chronic low back pain (CLBP) is associated with a number of costly disability-related outcomes. It has received increasing attention from qualitative researchers studying its consequences for personal, social, and health care experiences. As research questions and methods diversify, there is a growing need to integrate findings emerging from these studies.(More)
Binge drinking is a focus for concerns about young women's alcohol consumption at university. Twenty females, all regular binge drinkers, were interviewed individually and in focus groups to explore alcohol beliefs and exposure to harm. Four themes were identified in a thematic analysis. Alcohol use was associated with freedom but regulated by group norms.(More)
INTRODUCTION Chronic lower back pain (CLBP) is a major healthcare problem with wide ranging effects. It is a priority for appropriate management of CLBP to get individuals back to work as early as possible. Interventions that identify biopsychosocial barriers to recovery have been observed to lead to successfully reduced pain-related work absences and(More)
Continued ambiguity about the scope of mental health nursing is harmful to the discipline's identity and to patients' interests. Using a Delphi survey design, consensus was achieved on a set of 70 items representing core elements of mental health nursing among a sample of 150 mental health nurses working in Ireland. Items achieving consensus in Round 3 of(More)
Previous research indicates that bar workers report high levels of alcohol consumption, but the bar work experience itself has been little studied as a means to understand health threats associated with this job role. The subjective experience and meaning of bar work was explored in this study by interviewing current and ex-bar workers from a district in an(More)
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