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SETTING The National Tuberculosis Programs of Ghana, Viet Nam and the Dominican Republic. OBJECTIVE To assess the direct and indirect costs of tuberculosis (TB) diagnosis and treatment for patients and households. DESIGN Each country translated and adapted a structured questionnaire, the Tool to Estimate Patients' Costs. A random sample of new adult(More)
Our aim was to determine what parameters may be used to indicate an emergent endoscopy after foreign body (FB) ingestion and to ascertain how often FBs are found endoscopically. Demographic data, gastroesophageal antecedents, clinical and endoscopic data, and complications were obtained. We examined 122 patients endoscopically. The onset of symptoms was(More)
Plasmatic hyperviscosity is a known vascular risk factor which depends, among other parameters, upon total proteins, haematocrit value and fibrinogen. The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between these analytical haemorrological parameters and mortality and acute stroke sickness rate. We studied 216 patients with brain infarct and(More)
INTRODUCTION Hyperglycemia increases morbimortality in cerebral infarcts. In animal models, this relationship is only seen during the initial moments of cerebral ischaemia. The time needed in humans for cerebral damage to occur due to hyperglycemia is not known. MATERIAL AND METHODS We included 194 patients admitted within 24 hours of the start of their(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the results of the home enteral nutrition (HEN) registry of the NADYA-SENPE group in 2010. MATERIAL AND METHODS We retrieved the data of the patients recorded from January 1st to December 31st 2010. RESULTS We registered 6,591 patients (51% males) with 6,688 episodes of HEN, from 32 hospitals. Mean age in those younger than 14 yr(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the Home Enteral Nutrition Characteristics (HEN) recorded by the group NADYA-SENPE during 2009. MATERIAL AND METHOD collection and analysis of the data voluntary recorded in the HEN registry from the NADYA-SENPE group from January 1st to December 31st. RESULTS 6.540 HEN patients were registered, 5.11% more than the previous year(More)
OBJECTIVE To correlate the findings of CT and ileoobturator lymphadenectomy in patients with localized adenocarcinoma of the prostate. METHODS 94 patients with adenocarcinoma of the prostate were evaluated. Ileoobturator lymphadenectomy and brachytherapy were performed in 61.1%, radical prostatectomy in 22.5% and lymphadenectomy with prostatic labeling(More)
OBJECTIVES To analyze the correlation between PSA values, bony symptoms and total body bone scintiscanning in order to determine the utility of the latter technique in patients with adenocarcinoma of the prostate. METHODS We analyzed the correlation between the PSA values, bony symptoms and total body bone scintiscan findings of 191 patients with(More)
We studied the effect of adding Lamotrigine to the medication of 36 patients with refractory epilepsy (ten with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and ten with partial epilepsy with or without secondary generalization), who were resistant to optimized treatment with other drugs and who suffered at least four attacks per month. Lamotrigine was administered(More)
OBJECTIVES We evaluated the management of the regional lymph nodes to determine the appropriate treatment for carcinoma of the penis. METHODS The records of 36 patients with carcinoma of the penis were reviewed. Lymphadenectomy was performed in 18 patients, 17 were managed conservatively (watchful waiting) and 1 patient had a biopsy and received(More)