Ozlem O. Garibay

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A recent theoretical investigation of modular representations shows that certain modularizations can introduce a distance bias into a landscape. This was a static analysis, and empirical investigations were used to connect formal results to performance. Here we replace this experimentation with an introductory runtime analysis of performance. We study a(More)
Modularity is thought to improve the evolvability of biological systems [18, 22]. Recent studies in the field of evolutionary computation show that the use of modularity improves performance and scalability of evolutionary algorithms for certain applications. [5, 12, 15, 16, 17]. The effects of introducing modularity to evolutionary search, however, are not(More)
A key property for the effectiveness of stochastic search techniques, including evolutionary algorithms, is the existence of a positive correlation between the form and the quality of candidate solutions. In this paper, we show that when the ordering of genomic symbols in a genetic algorithm is completely independent of the fitness function and therefore(More)
The interactive technical electronic book, TechEBook, currently under development at the University of Central Florida, provides a useful tool for engineers and scientists through unique features compared to the most used traditional electrical circuit textbooks available in the market. TechEBook has comprised the two worlds of classical circuit books and(More)
Entrepreneurial support organizations are among the most successful approaches for economic growth. There are multiple dimensions of entrepreneurial support activities such as resource provision, funding or networking support. In this paper, we present an approach for the assessment and analysis of entrepreneurial support for networking and its effects on(More)
Aedes Aegypti is the vector of several deadly diseases, including Zika. Effective and sustainable vector control measures must be deployed to keep A. aegypti numbers under control. The distribution of A. Aegypti is subject to spatial and climatic constraints. Using agent-based modeling, we model the population dynamics of A. aegypti subjected to the spatial(More)
We study the self-organization of genomic symbols on a genetic algorithm with a location independent representation—the Proportional Genetic Algorithm (PGA) [2]. Self-organization of genomic symbols is possible because location independent representations ensure the absence of selective pressure for a particular order. We hypothesize that(More)
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