Ozlem Defterli

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This paper presents a modified numerical scheme for a class of Fractional Optimal Control Problems (FOCPs) formulated in Agrawal (2004) where a Fractional Derivative (FD) is defined in the Riemann-Liouville sense. In this scheme, the entire time domain is divided into several subdomains, and a fractional derivative (FDs) at a time node point is approximated(More)
This paper contributes to classification and identification in modern finance through advanced optimization. In the last few decades, financial misalignments and, thereby, financial crises have been increasing in numbers due to the rearrangement of the financial world. In this study, as one of the most remarkable of these, countries’ debt crises, which(More)
We propose a new method to explore the characteristics of genetic networks whose dynamics are described by a linear discrete dynamical model xt+1 = Axt. The gene expression data xt is given for various time points and the matrix A of interactions among the genes is unknown. First we formulate and solve a parameter estimation problem by linear programming in(More)
The author presents in below the necessary corrections on page 1631 of the original article ‘‘A numerical scheme for two-dimensional optimal control problems with memory effect’’ [Comput. Math. Appl. 59 (2010) 1630-1636]: – The text immediately after Equation 4 should read: ‘‘and satisfying the terminal condition x(a) = c. Here t denotes the time, x(t) and(More)
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