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This work presents a multi-period optimisation framework for a hybrid first/second generation bioethanol supply chain network considering uncertainty in biomass supply, biomass imports, biofuel sales and import prices. The model aims to maximise the expected net present value of the whole network and also controls the level of financial risk over all(More)
Glycine is a major inhibitory neurotransmitter and recent studies have shown that certain lipophilic glycine derivatives demonstrate anticonvulsant activity in animal epilepsy models. On the other hand, anilide is another fruitful structure for designing potential anticonvulsant agents. Ameltolide, ralitoline and some phthalimide derivatives are the(More)
In this study, inspired by the structures of the taltrimide, 2-phthalimidoethanesulphonamide, and the anilide pharmacophore known to be synthetically produced anticonvulsant compounds, fifteen N-phenyl-2-phtalimidoethanesulfonamide derivatives bearing substituents with diverse electronic and hydrophobic features on N-phenyl ring were synthesized. The(More)
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