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Species of Hexarthra and Polyarthra are freshwater rotifers with well-known escape behaviors that result from interactions with planktonic predators. Both rotifers bear a suite of mobile appendages that function in evasive maneuvers and saltatory jumps through the water column, but the anatomical and functional bases of these actions are poorly understood.(More)
The freshwater rotifer, Filinia novaezealandiae, is a planktonic species in tropical limnetic ecosystems. Like other species in the genus, F. novaezealandiae has two mobile, anterolateral setae that supposedly facilitate saltation through the water column as a means of escape from predators. However, very little is known about setal structure or the control(More)
The palate is considered typical of the structures in which schizophrenia-related minor physical anomalies may occur. In this study, we aimed to compare the dimensions and form of palate in patients with schizophrenia with nonpsychiatric controls in a blinded manner. Dental stone casts of 127 patients with schizophrenia and 127 controls were prepared from(More)
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