Ozgur Balsoy

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Computational web portals are designed to simplify access to diverse sets of high performance computing resources, typically through an interface to computational Grid tools. An important shortcoming of these portals is their lack of interoperable and reusable services. This paper presents an overview of research efforts undertaken by our group to build(More)
A hybrid search in the Online Knowledge Center enables search for the content of linked documents in the metadata. In this paper, we present design issues for the combined search of unstructured data linked in semistructured data. We describe the problems of the initial design for the metadata storage and inquiry performance, and suggest a solution under a(More)
This paper presents an overview of the Online Knowledge Center (OKC) web portal. The OKC is built around a portlet/container architecture: a central control portal is composed of several portlets that can deliver both local content and content from remote servers. The modular structure allows us to develop sophisticated portal components independently and(More)
XML-based metadata information services are a crucial core service needed by Problem Solving Environments built over emerging service-based, globally-scaled distributed systems, as envisioned by the Open Grid Services Architecture and the Semantic Web. Developing user interfaces and services bindings for manipulating instances of particular schemas is thus(More)
We describe Community Grids built around Integration of technologies from the peer-to-peer and Grid fields. We focus on the implications of Web Service ideas built around powerful event services using uniform XML interfaces. We go through collaborative systems in detail showing how one can build an environment that can use either P2P approaches like JXTA or(More)
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