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Cosmology with hybrid expansion law: scalar field reconstruction of cosmic history and observational constraints
In this paper, we consider a simple form of expansion history of Universe referred to as the hybrid expansion law - a product of power-law and exponential type of functions. The ansatz by
Cosmic acceleration in a dust only universe via energy-momentum powered gravity
We propose a modified theory of gravitation constructed by the addition of the term $f(T_{\mu\nu}T^{\mu\nu})$ to the Einstein-Hilbert action, and elaborate a particular case
Cosmological implications of scale-independent energy-momentum squared gravity: Pseudo nonminimal interactions in dark matter and relativistic relics
In this paper, we introduce a scale-independent energy-momentum squared gravity (EMSG) that allows different gravitational couplings for different type of sources, which may lead to scenarios with
Late time acceleration of the 3-space in a higher dimensional steady state universe in dilaton gravity
We present cosmological solutions for (1+3+n)-dimensional steady state universe in dilaton gravity with an arbitrary dilaton coupling constant w and exponential dilaton self-interaction potentials in
Anisotropic inflation with a non-minimally coupled electromagnetic field to gravity
We consider the non-minimal model of gravity in $Y(R) F^2$-form. We investigate a particular case of the model, for which the higher order derivatives are eliminated but the scalar curvature $R$ is
Constraint on energy-momentum squared gravity from neutron stars and its cosmological implications
Deviations from the predictions of general relativity due to energy-momentum squared gravity (EMSG) are expected to become pronounced in the high density cores of neutron stars. We derive the
Accelerating anisotropic cosmologies in Brans-Dicke gravity coupled to a mass-varying vector field
The field equations of Brans–Dicke gravity coupled to a mass-varying vector field are derived. Anisotropic cosmological solutions with a locally rotationally symmetric Bianchi type I metric and
Accelerated Expansion of the Universe in a Higher Dimensional Modified Gravity with Euler-Poincar\'e Terms
A higher dimensional modified gravity theory with an action that includes dimensionally continued Euler-Poincare forms up to second order in curvatures is considered. The variational field equations
A divergence-free parametrization for dynamical dark energy
We introduce a new parametrization for the dark energy, led by the same idea to the linear expansion of the equation of state in scale factor $a$ and in redshift $z$, which diverges neither in the