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A simple strategy to insert functional dendrons at precise positions along a linear polymer backbone is reported. Sequence controlled copolymerization of styrene and polyester dendrons containing a maleimide unit at their focal points was utilized to yield such polymers.
Design and synthesis of novel water-soluble polymers bearing reactive side chains are actively pursued due to their increasing demand in areas such as bioconjugation and drug delivery. This study reports the fabrication of poly(ethylene glycol) methacrylate based thiol-reactive water-soluble polymeric supports that can serve as targeted drug delivery(More)
Disulfide exchange reaction has emerged as a powerful tool for reversible conjugation of proteins, peptides and thiol containing molecules to polymeric supports. In particular, the pyridyl disulfide group provides an efficient handle for the site-specific conjugation of therapeutic peptides and proteins bearing cysteine moieties. In this study, novel(More)
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