Ozgün Süzer

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We have investigated the initial stages of growth and the electronic structure of C(60) molecules on graphene grown epitaxially on SiC(0001) at the single-molecule level using cryogenic ultrahigh vacuum scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy. We observe that the first layer of C(60) molecules self-assembles into a well-ordered, close-packed(More)
Entangled photons generated by spontaneous parametric down-conversion (SPDC) have been used to investigate entangled two-photon absorption (ETPA) in multiannulene systems. The ETPA characteristics are shown to depend on the spatial orientation of the SPDC emission pattern. The expected dependence of the absorption rate on input flux is seen for emission(More)
The ability to do spectroscopy with a small number of entangled photons is an important development in the area of materials and sensing. This report investigates the effects of increasing thiophene dendrimer generation on the cross-section for both entangled (sigmaE) and random (deltaE) two-photon absorption cross-sections. Nonlinear optical properties of(More)
We show that, with proper modification of the pump field description from plane-wave to spherical-like, which serves to incorporate geometric effects that were discarded in the plane-wave model, the efficiency of the spontaneous parametric down conversion process exhibits dependence on pump intensity, contrary to previous theoretical predictions.(More)
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