Ozan S. Sarıyer

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Flow of soft matter objects through one-dimensional environments is important in industrial, biological and biomedical systems. Establishing the underlying principles of the behavior of soft matter in confinement can shed light on its performance in many man-made and biological systems. Here, we report an experimental and theoretical study of translocation(More)
We investigate the dissipative loss in the ±J Ising spin glass in three dimensions through the scaling of the hysteresis area, for a maximum magnetic field that is equal to the saturation field. We perform a systematic analysis for the whole range of the bond randomness as a function of the sweep rate by means of frustration-preserving hard-spin mean-field(More)
The anisotropic XXZ spin-1 2 Heisenberg chain is studied using renormalization-group theory. The specific heats and nearest-neighbor spin-spin correlations are calculated thoughout the entire temperature and anisotropy ranges in both ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic regions, obtaining a global description and quantitative results. We obtain the Isinglike(More)
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