Oyvind Kileng

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In this study we characterize two proteins encoded by the two smallest genomic segments of the piscine orthomyxovirus infectious salmon anaemia virus (ISAV). Both proteins, encoded by the un-spliced ORF from genomic segment 7 (s7ORF1) and the larger ORF from segment 8 (s8ORF2), are involved in modulation of the type I interferon (IFN) response. The data(More)
Interferon regulatory factor 7 (IRF-7) plays a crucial role in virus-induced activation of interferon-alpha/beta transcription in mammals. This work describes a structural and functional homologue of mammalian IRF-7 from Atlantic salmon. The cloned gene encodes a putative protein of 415 amino acids (aa), which groups with mammalian IRF-7 and other fish(More)
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