Oytun Portakal

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OBJECTIVES An increasing amount of experimental and epidemiological evidence implicates the involvement of oxygen derived radicals in the pathogenesis of cancer development. Oxygen derived radicals are able to cause damage to membranes, mitochondria, and macromolecules including proteins, lipids and DNA. Accumulation of DNA damages has been suggested to(More)
The role of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in the management of colorectal cancer has not yet established. In present study, we aimed to investigate the relationship between clinicopathological characteristics and CTC levels in patients with colorectal carcinoma. The isolation of CTCs in blood was performed with the semi-automated CellSearch System (Veridex(More)
OBJECTIVE We investigated the usefulness of serum cardiac Troponin T (cTnT) to detect doxorubicin related cardiotoxicity as a non-invasive and reliable method. PATIENTS AND METHODS Twenty-four patients who received doxorubicin for their solid tumors at cumulative doses of 400 mg/m(2) or higher, between June 1982 and August 2000, were included in this(More)
We assessed the neural injury markers (NIMs) in maternal and umbilical blood in preterm deliveries with and without intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), and relationship between NIMs and neonatal complications. Deliveries between 24 and 34 weeks' gestation with (study group) and without (control group) IUGR were included to the study. Three NIMs (s100B,(More)
OBJECTIVES We examined whether pentoxifylline (PTX) and coenzyme Q10 (Q) pretreatment affect ischemia-reperfusion damage in the rat liver. DESIGN AND METHODS Twenty minutes of reflow following 30 min of ischemia was performed. Before the experiment, rats were treated PTX 50 mg/kg, IP or PTX 50 mg/kg IP + Q10 mg/kg, intragastric, or untreated. Rats were(More)
OBJECTIVES To test the diagnostic performance of BNP and NT-ProBNP in children with different hemodynamic dysfunctions. DESIGN AND METHODS Seventy children who underwent echocardiography and were classified into left and right ventricle volume and pressure overload (LVvO, LVpO, RVvO, and RVpO, respectively) and biventricular volume overload (BVvO) were(More)
recD, located between rec B and arg A, encodes the smallest polypeptide (60 kDa) of the heterotrimeric enzyme RecBCD in Escherichia coli. RecD is a 5'-3' helicase and is required for the nuclease activity of RecBCD and for tight binding to dsDNA ends. Here, we have tested the hypothesis that RecD regulates the structure and activities of RecBCD, including(More)
In this study, soluble receptor of interleukin-2, interleukin-8, creatine kinase, and creatine kinase MB isoenzyme levels were determined serially before, during, and after cardiopulmonary bypass in blood samples of 24 patients. Interleukin-2 receptor levels were 683±80 U/ml in the preoperative period and 640±60 U/ml during hyperthermia. Subsequently, these(More)
This study was aimed to evaluate the analytical performance of an automated image analysis system (a pilot model of Diff Master(™) Octavia) for the preclassification of leucocytes in children with hematological disease. Manual microscopy performed by pediatric hematologists was used as the reference method. Five mature cell class and blasts were evaluated.(More)