Oya Irmak Sahin

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Numerous studies indicate that there might be differences in embryo growth dynamics between male and female embryos. However, current data in humans are scarce and the results are inconclusive or conflicting. This study asks whether there exist gender-specific embryo development kinetics or parameters between human male and female embryos that can be(More)
The smoking of foods is one of the oldest methods of preservation. However, foods are nowadays smoked for sensory quality rather than for the preservative effect. Sensory characteristics are one of the important quality attributes that a consumer uses to judge the acceptability of a product. Colours of smoked cheese available in the market range from golden(More)
Currently, the increased interest in healthy living motivates people to consume functional foods and dietary supplements. Foods that are containing probiotic bacteria come to the forefront as having positive effect on health. These benefits include improving the gut microbial balance, stimulation of the immune system, reduction of blood cholesterol level,(More)
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