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Regression test selection speeds up regression testing by re-running only the tests that can be affected by the most recent code changes. Much progress has been made on research in automated test selection over the last three decades, but it has not translated into practical tools that are widely adopted. Therefore, developers either re-run all tests after(More)
Runtime verification can be used to find bugs early, during software development, by monitoring test executions against formal specifications (specs). The quality of runtime verification depends on the quality of the specs. While previous research has produced many specs for the Java API, manually or through automatic mining, there has been no large-scale(More)
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Monitoring-Oriented Programming (MOP) helps develop more reliable software by means of monitoring against formal specifications. While MOP showed promising results, all prior research has focused on checking a <i>single version</i> of software. We propose to extend MOP to support <i>multiple software versions</i> and thus be more relevant in the context of(More)
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