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Recommending news stories to users, based on their preferences, has long been a favourite domain for recommender systems research. In this paper, we describe a novel approach to news recommendation that harnesses real-time micro-blogging activity, from a service such as Twitter, as the basis for promoting news stories from a user's favourite RSS feeds. A(More)
User-generated content has dominated the web's recent growth and today the so-called real-time web provides us with unprecedented access to the real-time opinions, views, and ratings of millions of users. For example, Twitter's 200m+ users are generating in the region of 1000+ tweets per second. In this work, we propose that this data can be harnessed as a(More)
In this work we propose that the high volumes of data on real-time networks like Twitter can be harnessed as a useful source of recommendation knowledge. We describe <i>Buzzer</i>, a news recommendation system that is capable of adapting to the conversations that are taking place on Twitter. Buzzer uses a content-based approach to ranking RSS news stories(More)
The significant growth of media and user-generated content online has allowed for the widespread adoption of recommender systems due to their proven ability to reduce the workload of a user and per-sonalise content. In this paper, we describe our prototype system called Buzzer, which harnesses real-time micro-blogging activity, such as Twit-ter, as the(More)
Our research involves developing technology and techniques that apply the vast sea of real-time web data to interesting problems and topics. In this demo, we will present the on- going development of a novel real-time search and discovery service named Yokie (http://yok.ie, early technology description originally published in [1]). Yokie uses the large(More)
The use of effective term frequency weighting and document length normalisation strategies have been shown over a number of decades to have a significant positive effect for document retrieval. When dealing with much shorter documents, such as those obtained from mi-croblogs, it would seem intuitive that these would have less benefit. In this paper we(More)
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