Owen McAree

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The coordination of multiple autonomous vehicles into convoys or platoons is expected on our highways in the near future. However, before such platoons can be deployed, the new autonomous behaviours of the vehicles in these platoons must be certified. An appropriate representation for vehicle platooning is as a multiagent system in which each agent captures(More)
This paper describes the development of a system for the rapid prototyping of high level control algorithms using an Arduino based commercial off the shelf autopilot called ArduPilot. It is capable of controlling multiple vehicle types, including fixed, and rotary wing aircraft as well as ground vehicles. The inner loop control is performed by ArduPilot, so(More)
This paper presents an alternative approach of designing a guidance controller for a small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to achieve path following in the presence of wind disturbances. The wind effects acting on the UAV are estimated by a nonlinear disturbance observer. Then the wind information is incorporated into the nominal path following controller to(More)
The indoor test bed of the Autonomous Systems Laboratory has been used to create a control system for a small fixed pitch helicopter. This paper outlines the challenges posed by such a vehicle and the control system designed to overcome them. The control system utilized a visual tracking system to obtain state information without onboard hardware.(More)
In this paper we propose an electric model vehicle with its own system of acquisition and computation of the information, on which we will test the collision control algorithms in indoors and outdoors with GPS localization. The algorithm used in this project is the Potential Field method. We chose to use a LIDAR sensor that can acquire distance data from(More)