Owen Lewis

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OBJECTIVES This study was designed to assess the incidence of child emotional and physical abuse, associated risk factors and psychosocial symptoms in a cross-cultural comparison between post-communist bloc countries. METHOD One-thousand one-hundred forty-five children ages 10-14 from Latvia (N = 297), Lithuania ( N = 300), Macedonia (N = 302), and(More)
BACKGROUND Trauma is one of the common surgical emergencies presenting at B. P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS), Nepal, a tertiary referral center catering to the needs of the population of Eastern Nepal and nearby districts of India. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study is to analyze the magnitude, epidemiological, clinical profile and(More)
Continuous Newton's Method refers to a certain dynamical system whose associated flow generically tends to the roots of a given polynomial. An Euler approximation of this system, with step size h = 1, yields the discrete Newton's method algorithm for finding roots. In this note we contrast Euler approximations with several different approximations of the(More)
Acute appendicitis is among the commonest surgical diseases faced by an emergency clinician. A prompt diagnosis is mandatory to reduce morbidity and mortality, which may be difficult for junior doctors who first see the patient in the emergency department. This study was conducted to assess the efficacy of Alvarado score as a tool to improve the accuracy of(More)
BACKGROUND In children, majority of the head injuries are minor and management of critically ill children depend on a team approach using well-rehearsed, systematic management protocols that can be implemented within hours after injury. This study was carried out to ascertain the epidemiology and management of know the demographic profile and etiology of(More)
PROBLEM After the Soviet Union dissolved in 1989, it became apparent that there was little recognition of the problems of child abuse and neglect, professionally, legally, or societally. There were no effective systems or laws in place to deal with these problems. METHOD Beginning in 1995 the Children's Mental Health Alliance, in conjunction with the Open(More)
An effective way to teach facts to students is to test them as they study (Roediger & Karpicke, 2006). The answers students provide, as well as their response latencies, constitute feedback that an intelligent tutoring system (ITS) can use to determine how well they have learned study material. This capability enables an ITS to appropriately allocate a(More)
In this task force report, the authors define the field of child and adolescent psychotherapy; review the state of the field with respect to advocacy, training, research, and clinical practice; and recommend steps to ensure that psychotherapy remains a core competence of child and adolescent psychiatrists.
  • O Lewis
  • 1993
Based on a clinical theory that guides an interpersonal approach to adolescent psychotherapy, the author advances the proposal that there is a developmental sequence of the capacity for relatedness from early to late adolescence: from a stage of Detachment in Relatedness through Disappointment in Relatedness to Mature Relatedness. In this paper, evidence(More)