Owen K Wilby

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A regulation is shown for size and number of serially repeated axial structures, the somites, in a mammalian embryo. The mammalian embryo is normally inaccessible to operation at post-implantation stages. This problem is resolved by the quantitative analysis of somite size, number and development in a recessive mutant of the mouse, amputated, whose axial(More)
The teratogenic potential of sucralose was examined following gavage administration to pregnant rats and rabbits during organogenesis. Groups of 20 mated rats were dosed on days 6-15 of gestation inclusive at 500, 1000 or 2000mg/kg/day; groups of 16 to 18 inseminated rabbits were dosed on days 6 to 19 of gestation inclusive at 175, 350 or 700mg/kg/day(More)
There is evidence which suggests that the polarity of regeneration in hydra is determined by axial gradients of some sort. The mechanisms which may be involved in the establishment and maintenance of the gradients have been investigated by studying the reversal of polarity in graft combinations. Complete polarity reversal can be effected by a grafted(More)
The inhibition of hypostome formation in hydra has been investigated using isolation and transplantation techniques. The transmission of inhibition does not seem to be polarized; a hypostome situated at the proximal end of the digestive zone can inhibit distal regeneration with no change in regeneration polarity. The time required for the proximal hypostome(More)
Using a silver-impregnation method, the occurrence and significance of Golgi apparatus orientation has been studied in cells contributing to the cartilage condensations in the developing skeleton of the chick limb bud, both in normal embryos and in thetalpid 3 mutant, in which the pattern of condensationin situ, and cell behaviourin vitro, is abnormal.(More)
We assessed potential toxic effects of the MAGE-A3 Cancer Immunotherapeutic on female fertility and embryo-fetal, pre- and post-natal development in rats and on male fertility in rats and monkeys. Three groups of 48 female (Study 1) or 22 male (Study 2) CD rats received 5 or 3 injections of 100μL of saline, AS15 immunostimulant, or MAGE-A3 Cancer(More)
Cervarix™ is a prophylactic human papillomavirus (HPV)-16/18 vaccine for the prevention of cervical cancer. It contains GSK Biologicals' proprietary Adjuvant System AS04. The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of Cervarix™ and of AS04 on female fertility and pre- and post-natal development in Sprague Dawley rats. Female rats were(More)