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White socio-spatial epistemology
Recent work by geographers concerned with the enduring presence of racism has called for an interrogation of the privileges and contingencies of whiteness. Central to this project of denaturalizingExpand
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Interpreting the Civil Rights Movement: Place, Memory, and Conflict
Produced over the past decade, monuments and museums dedicated to the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s have desegregated America's memorial landscape. Tracing a broad arc across the USExpand
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Memorial landscapes: analytic questions and metaphors
Over the past two decades, geographers have probed the intersection of collective memory and urban space. Their sustained interest in the subject reflects an understanding of the social condition ofExpand
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Symbolic accretion and commemoration
Controversy has erupted in Selma, Alabama, over recent efforts to commemorate the career of Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Confederate cavalry officer and founding member of the original Ku Klux Klan.Expand
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Civil Rights Memorials and the Geography of Memory
This is the first critical reading of the monuments, museums, parks, and streets dedicated to the black struggle for civil rights.The creation of memorials dedicated to the civil rights movement is aExpand
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Reexamining the Montgomery Bus Boycott: Toward an Empathetic Pedagogy of the Civil Rights Movement
Geographers have assessed the success and failure of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement in terms of the African American struggle for justice, social identity, and economic survival. Conspicuously absentExpand
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Geographical Research about African Americans: A Survey of Journals, 1911–1995
This paper surveys research about African Americans in six geography journals between 1911 and 1995. 176 journal articles about African Americans were identified. A chronological analysis of a subsetExpand
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Commemorative Surrogation and the American South's Changing Heritage Landscape
Abstract The past two decades have witnessed momentous changes on the American South's heritage landscape. First, and most dramatically, ascendant civil rights museums have established themselves asExpand
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Location, Politics, and the Production of Civil Rights Memorial Landscapes1
This study examines the relative location of civil rights memorial landscapes in Atlanta, GA; Birmingham, AL; and Memphis, TN. Produced over the past two decades, these memorials are the largest andExpand
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Memorials and Monuments
Memorials and monuments are of increasing interest to geographers, growing out of recognition of the social nature of commemoration and the important role that space and place play in the process andExpand
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