Owen Feehan

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Fructose is a major component of dietary sugar and its overconsumption exacerbates key pathological features of metabolic syndrome. The central fructose-metabolising enzyme is ketohexokinase (KHK), which exists in two isoforms: KHK-A and KHK-C, generated through mutually exclusive alternative splicing of KHK pre-mRNAs. KHK-C displays superior affinity for(More)
We present a new approach for computer-aided detection and diagnosis in mammography based on Cognition Network Technology (CNT). Originally designed for image processing, CNT has been extended to also perform context- and knowledge-driven analysis of tabular data. For the first time using this technology, an application was created and evaluated for fully(More)
Kurzfassung. In dieser Arbeit wird ein neues Assistenzsystem für die computerunterstützte Detektion und Diagnose von Herdbefunden in der Mammographie vorgestellt, das mit Hilfe der Cognition Network Technology (CNT) eine bildbasierte Ähnlichkeitssuche in einer Referenzdatenbank ermöglicht. Dabei wird vorverarbeitend vollautomatisch eine mehrskalige(More)
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