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Recently continuous cover forestry (CCF) has become an accepted approach to forest management in Britain, but uncertainty about its economic consequences may be a barrier to its wider use. A study was carried out to examine the costs and revenues of transforming a stand of Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis (Bong.) Carr.) to CCF. The main conclusion is that(More)
From the eighteenth century through to the abolition of public executions in England in 1868, the touch of a freshly hanged man's hand was sought after to cure a variety of swellings, wens in particular. While the healing properties of corpse hands in general were acknowledged and experimented with in early modern medicine, the gallows cure achieved(More)
The exploration of popular mentalities in England beyond the early modern period is a neglected field. In particular, little extensive work has been done to examine how magical beliefs affected social relationships in local contexts, and to what extent the function and relevance of magic and witchcraft was related to community structure, local economies and(More)
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