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Non-attendance at out-patient clinics results in inefficiency, wasted resources and delays other patients from accessing services. We conducted a review of patients that did not attend (DNA) their second appointment over a 12 month period, to establish the reasons why patients failed to repeatedly attend, and to assess what proportion of these failed(More)
Forty-two patients with Perthes disease treated in Children’s Unit, Our lady’s of Lourdes Hospital between 1990 and 2002 were evaluated. Eighteen patients (43%) with a severe form of Perthes disease who underwent containment open lateral wedge varus osteotomy of the proximal femur were studied retrospectively. Combined clinical and radiological review for(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore and compare the perfusion pattern of oral mucosa on Han Chinese and Caucasian by laser-doppler flowmetry. METHODS A cross-sectional study was carried out, in 20 healthy Han Chinese adult subjects (average age: 28.4 years) and 20 healthy Caucasian (average age: 25.3 years) adult subjects, either gender with 10 subjects. Gingival(More)