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We report a novel method for the measurement of lipid nanotube radii. Membrane translocation is monitored between two nanotube-connected vesicles, during the expansion of a receiving vesicle, by observing a photobleached region of the nanotube. We elucidate nanotube radii, extracted from SPE vesicles, enabling quantification of membrane composition and(More)
We have developed a superfusion method utilizing an open-volume microfluidic device for administration of pharmacologically active substances to selected areas in brain slices with high spatio-temporal resolution. The method consists of a hydrodynamically confined flow of the active chemical compound, which locally stimulates neurons in brain slices,(More)
  • Erik T Jansson, Carolina L Trkulja, Aikeremu Ahemaiti, Maria Millingen, Gavin DM Jeffries, Kent Jardemark +1 other
  • 2013
The TRPV1 ion channel is expressed in nociceptors, where pharmacological modulation of its function may offer a means of alleviating pain and neurogenic inflammation processes in the human body. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of cholesterol depletion of the cell on ion-permeability of the TRPV1 ion channel. The ion-permeability(More)
We report on a microfluidic device that generates separate solution environments in macroscopic volumes. Spatially distinct patterns are created by emitting fluids from 16 different sources (closely spaced microchannels) into a solution-filled macroscopic chamber. The fluid in neighboring microchannels couples viscously in the macroscopic container,(More)
Ligand-gated ion channels are important control elements in regulation of cellular activities, and increasing evidence demonstrates their role as therapeutic targets. The receptors display complex desensitization kinetics, occurring on vastly different time scales. This is not only important in biology and pharmacology but might also be of technological(More)
We report that GABA(A) receptors in a patch-clamped biological cell form a short-term memory circuit when integrated with a scanning-probe microfluidic device. Laminar patterns of receptor activators (agonists) provided by the microfluidic device define and periodically update the data input which is read and stored by the receptors as state distributions(More)
A liposome model of exocytosis has been used to examine the nanometer environment of the space between the electrode and the membrane. First, this has been used to test models of coulometric efficiency for different size vesicles with 5- and 33-microm electrodes. The resulting model has a best fit that suggests that the liquid space is approximately 300 nm(More)
Even though gain, loss, or modulation of ion channel function is implicated in many diseases, both rare and common, the development of new pharmaceuticals targeting this class has been disappointing, where it has been a major problem to obtain correlated structural and functional information. Here, we present a microfluidic method in which the ion channel(More)