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Much effort has been put into producing algorithms that solves the transport design problem. As this is a NP-hard problem, algorithms found in literature are typically stochastic and requires a high amount of time to compute. The main purpose of this paper is to propose a fast and deterministic approximate algorithm for bus route planning. In this paper, we(More)
Surveillance problem in a variety of scenarios such as hostile environments, environmental monitoring and law enforcement missions (i.e. border patrol) etc have been widely studied. However, monitoring of traffic conditions in urban environments by deploying a team of agents is a novel problem not found in any existing literature. This problem is termed as(More)
2012 i DECLARATION I hereby declare that the thesis is my original work and it has been written by me in its entirety. I have duly acknowledged all sources of information which have been used in the thesis. This thesis has also not been submitted for any degree in any university previously. ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I thank my caring parents and girlfriend who(More)
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