Ovidiu Vermesan

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IoT in industry is a rapidly developing area. Numerous IoT research and<lb>application projects have been done by universities or in joint industry-<lb>university consortia in recent years. However an important question to be<lb>further addressed is on value creation by IoT industry applications. IoT appli-<lb>cations in the sense of this paper are(More)
This paper discusses novel communication network topologies and components and describes an evolutionary path of bringing Ethernet into automotive applications with focus on electric mobility. For next generation in-vehicle networking, the automotive industry identified Ethernet as a promising candidate besides CAN and FlexRay. Ethernet is an IEEE standard(More)
This paper presents a case study of a wireless sensor network (WSN) to support energy management utilizing Web services and middleware technologies. The approach presented proposes the integration of WSNs with Ethernet/Internet/XML/Web Service communications into a ‘knowledge and information services’ platform to support energy management which can be(More)
This paper provides an overview on facts and trends towards the introduction of connected electric vehicle (EV) and discusses how and to what extent electric mobility will be integrated into the Internet of Energy (IoE) and Smart grid infrastructure to provide novel energy management solutions. In this context the EVs are evolving from mere transportation(More)
Driven by increasing cost of energy and by the inclusion of re-newable but time variant sources of energy on the production side, and by new requirements from electromobility, building and home automation on the consumption side, the energy grid has moved in the focus of research, industry and infrastructure development. One of the key challenges is the(More)
Wireless sensors incorporated in RFID systems are important in several industrial, consumer and logistics applications. By extending RFID tags to sensing applications, the products become smarter. Application areas for these smart tags include; health care (verification of the environmental conditions during transport or in storage of e.g. diapers,(More)
The area of Video analytics has made some significant improvement due to advancement in image processing and datamining techniques. However, the inclination is still towards image contents and less to mined contents owing to many unsolved issues. Although concept of mining is more than 2 decade old, but mining approaches are yet to be standardized in the(More)
IOT provides network connectivity for everyday objects that allows sending and receiving of data from the environment by utilizing two separate types of interactions viz. machine-to-machine interactions and machine-to-human interactions. This paper designed a new methodology that helps to detect environmental temperature automatically by utilizing a device(More)
This paper provides an overview of the latest developments in the development of semiconductor devices for implementation of electronic modules for EVs and HEVs and the implementation of charging stations and the interface with the smart grid infrastructure. The design choices are influenced by the power level of the different applications.