Ove Sten-Knudsen

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A laser diffraction technique has been developed for registering small changes in sarcomere length. The technique is capable of resolving changes as small as 0.2 A in isolated frog skeletal muscle fibers. The small sarcomere lengthening that accompanies the drop in tension in the latent period of contraction was investigated. We suggest this lengthening be(More)
1. In order to evaluate the membrane potentials calculated from the distribution of chloride ions in human red cells and plasma, it is desirable to have a direct measurement of the transmembrane potential of these cells.2. A method has been devised for introducing a capillary micro-electrode into human red cells. The method allows simultaneous measurements(More)
The tension response of a resting muscle fibre to a sudden small stretch (ca. 1% of the fibre length) at constant velocity was analyzed according to a mechanical model in which two components are arranged in parallel: (i) The parallel elastic component (PEC) which is responsible for the resting tension of the fibre. (ii) The short-range elastic component(More)
Correlations between rates of ventilation and oxygen consumption in filter feeders are usually interpreted in terms of causal relations, but authors disagree on whether ventilation is regulated to meet respiratory needs or whether oxygen consumption reflects energetic costs of water transport. It seems, however, that neither causality applies, the(More)
Mulieri (1972) has reported that the depth of the latency relaxation, tension relaxation, changes only insignificantly when about half of a fibre bundle is wound tightly around a small glass rod. From this observation he concludes that the tension relaxation is not correlated with the number of sarcomeres in series in a frog muscle fibre. The dependency of(More)