Outi Väisänen

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We present the four key areas of research-preprocessing, the volume conductor, the forward problem, and the inverse problem-that affect the performance of EEG and MEG source imaging. In each key area we identify prominent approaches and methodologies that have open issues warranting further investigation within the community, challenges associated with(More)
In this paper, we introduce a new modelling related parameter called region of interest sensitivity ratio (ROISR), which describes how well the sensitivity of an electroencephalography (EEG) measurement is concentrated within the region of interest (ROI), i.e. how specific the measurement is to the sources in ROI. We demonstrate the use of the concept by(More)
We have developed a multielectrode lead technique to improve the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of scalp-recorded electroencephalography (EEG) signals generated deep in the brain. The basis of the method lies in optimization of the measurement sensitivity distribution of the multielectrode lead. We claim that two factors improve the SNR in a multielectrode(More)
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