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Production of ligninolytic enzymes by three strains of the white rot fungus Phlebia tremellosa (syn. Merulius tremellosus) was studied in bioreactor cultivation under nitrogen-limiting conditions. The Mn(II) concentration of the growth medium strongly affected the secretion patterns of lignin peroxidase and laccase. Two major lignin peroxidase isoenzymes(More)
Demethoxylation reactions in the cultures of the brown-rot fungi Gloeophyllum trabeum and Poria placenta were studied by determining the evolution of 14CO2 from a non-phenolic lignin model, β–O–4 dimer, [O14CH3]-labelled at position 4 in the A ring (model I), and from [O14CH3]-labelled vanillic acid (model II). The fungi were grown under oxygen or air(More)
Mineralization of polymeric wood lignin and its substructures is a result of complex reactions involving oxidizing and reducing enzymes and radicals. The degradation of methoxyl groups is an essential part of this process. The presence of wood greatly stimulates the demethoxylation of a non-phenolic lignin model compound (a [O14CH3]-labeled β-O-4 dimer) by(More)
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