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We have developed assay technologies to measure hydrolyzing enzymes based on homogeneous time-resolved fluorescence quenching (TruPoint). High sensitivity was obtained using fluorescent europium chelates as labels, internally quenched by suitable quenchers and released upon enzymatic reaction. This approach allows robust and sensitive monitoring of low(More)
The synthesis of oligopeptide building blocks for the introduction of nonluminescent and luminescent lanthanide(III) chelates to the oligopeptide structure on the solid phase is described. The oligopeptide conjugates synthesized were used in DELFIA-based receptor binding assay (motilin) as well as in LANCE time-resolved fluorescence quenching assay(More)
Synthesis of nonluminescent lanthanide(III) chelates tethered to an aminooxy group (i.e., 1-[4-(6-aminooxyhexamido)benzyl]diethylenetriaminetetraacetic acid lanthanides(III), 6a-d, where Ln(3+) is Eu, Dy, Sm, and Tb) is described. Their applicability to biomolecule derivatization is demonstrated by allowing them to react with a synthetic oligopeptide, a(More)
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