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Metabolic profiling of sourdough fermented wheat and rye bread
Sourdough fermentation by lactic acid bacteria is commonly used in bread baking, affecting several attributes of the final product. We analyzed whole-grain wheat and rye breads and doughs preparedExpand
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A Small In Vitro Fermentation Model for Screening the Gut Microbiota Effects of Different Fiber Preparations
The development of prebiotic fibers requires fast high-throughput screening of their effects on the gut microbiota. We demonstrated the applicability of a mictotiter plate in the in vitroExpand
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Effect of steam explosion on enzymatic hydrolysis and baking quality of wheat bran
Abstract In this study, the effect of steam explosion (SE) treatment on microstructure, enzymatic hydrolysis and baking quality of wheat bran was investigated. Coarse and fine bran were treated atExpand
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Impact of lactic acid bacteria starter cultures and hydrolytic enzymes on the characteristics of wholegrain crackers
Abstract This work studied the impact of bioprocessing with lactic acid bacteria starter cultures (dextran producing Weissella confusa and Lactobacillus plantarum) and proteolytic and xylanolyticExpand
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HealthBread: Wholegrain and high fibre breads with optimised textural quality
Abstract The aim of this study was to develop healthy wholegrain and high fibre bread products with sensory attributes similar to white bread by applying a combination of technological steps: the useExpand
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High consistency mechano-enzymatic pretreatment for kraft fibres: effect of treatment consistency on fibre properties
Fibre reactivity is essential for cellulose dissolution and derivatisation and a porous fibre structure is one key determinant for a highly reactive pulp. Mechanical and enzymatic treatments areExpand
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Effect of Varying Molecular Weight of Oat β-Glucan Taken just before Eating on Postprandial Glycemic Response in Healthy Humans
To see if the molecular weight (MW) and viscosity of oat β-glucan (OBG) when taken before eating determine its effect on postprandial glycemic responses (PPRG), healthy overnight-fasted subjects (n =Expand
Role of β-glucan content, molecular weight and phytate in the bile acid binding of oat β-glucan.
There is controversy about the role of viscosity and co-migrating molecules on the bile acid binding of beta-glucan. Thus, this study aimed to investigate the impact of β-glucan molecular weight andExpand
Production of syrup rich in arabinoxylan oligomers and antioxidants from wheat bran by alkaline pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis, and applicability in baking
Abstract The target of this work was to develop a novel, industrially applicable process for simultaneously releasing different valuable components from wheat bran, including carbohydrates,Expand