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This study is about what adolescents with cancer think about their life situation, the support they get, and the information they receive about their illness. The data for this qualitative and descriptive study were collected in 3 focus group interviews with 20 adolescents aged 13 to 18 years attending a cancer adjustment camp. Interpretation was based on(More)
The role of a nurse informatician is not yet common in health care settings in Finland although electronic patient records have been in use since 1980's. A web-based survey instrument was compiled based on the surveys conducted by HIMSS in spring 2009. The aim was to find out what kind of positions nurses have in nursing informatics in the Finnish health(More)
Growing use of information and communication technology (ICT) demands have caused a need for nursing to strengthen the knowledge, skills and competences related to ICT in health (eHealth) and define its versatile roles. The Finnish Nurses Association (FNA) named a group of eHealth experts from various professional fields that are closely connected to(More)
Electronic documentation of nursing care is going to be realized in Finland with FINCC and using a coherent model. The research and development project for creation of competences needed in the country is financed by the Ministry of Education and the partners are 14 universities of applied sciences (UAS).
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