Oussama Mohammed Kherbouche

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The business process models are often subjected to change rapidly in order to cope with the market demands. It may be useful for companies to adapt a monitoring mechanism to achieve flexible business process models. It is also desirable to control the ripple effects of a change on whole or part of the business process and its running instances. It requires(More)
The emergence of BPMN as a standard notation to express the business processes is based on its simplicity of notations and its exhaustive expressiveness. Nevertheless the lack of formal semantics in the BPMN can cause syntactic and structural errors. The former requires less effort to be checked, while the later usually requires attention to prove some(More)
The permanent evolution of information systems is essential for the companies to better fulfill the requirements of their different stakeholders. This necessitates the new changes to be adapted in the existing data, application and process models. In this context, business processes play a critical role in the definition and management of information(More)
During the last decades, several research works have been conducted in Business Process Management (BPM) field, and a whole range of tools allowing capturing and managing the business process (BP) has been proposed. However, the current BPM systems leave aside the informal work, which is often based on communication and collaborative tools. In this paper,(More)
It is widely observed that the poor event logs quality poses a significant challenge to the process mining project both in terms of choice of process mining algorithms and in terms of the quality of the discovered process model. Therefore, it is important to control the quality of event logs prior to conducting a process mining analysis. In this paper, we(More)
Organizations have an increasing need to adapt faster their Information Systems to technical, functional and legal changes. One way proposed in the literature is to make a deep process analysis in order to have a better comprehension of the business process (BP) and adapt it to its new context. In this paper, we propose a meta model for a BP(More)
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