Ourania Chryssaphinou

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We consider repairable reliability systems with m components, the lifetimes and repair times of which are independent. The l-th component can be either in the failure state 0 or in the perfect state dl or in one of the degradation states {1, 2, . . . , dl − 1}. The time of staying in any of these states is a random variable following a discrete distribution(More)
Consider a finite alphabet Ω and strings consisting of elements from Ω. For a given string w, let cor(w) denote the autocorrelation, which can be seen as a measure of the amount of overlap in w. Furthermore, let aw(n) be the number of strings of length n that do not contain w as a substring. Eriksson [4] stated the following conjecture: if cor(w)>cor(w�),(More)
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