Oumaima Saidani

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Current research on business process management (BPM) outlines the importance of business process reengineering and its role in improving business process. As well, requirements on context-awareness go forward including BPM in many research areas. That is why, in this paper, we introduce a methodology for BPR consisting on: (i) using the process context in(More)
This paper investigates context awareness in business process modelling (BPM). It introduces a context model for BPM (CM4BPM) and a role-based business process model (RBPM), and presents an approach allowing enacting processes with respect to the context. Decisions driving business processes enactment are based on context related knowledge. The proposed(More)
In our previous work on business process, we have provided the foundation for formalization based on the environment concept. The environment is defined as a set of observers whose values change according to the actions of tasks. From their values, observers are grouped to form a set of states. A state is defined as the characteristic of an environment from(More)
Context-aware systems are applications that adapt themselves to several situations involving user, network, data, hardware and the application itself. In this paper, we review several context models proposed in different domains: content adaptation, service adaptation, information retrieval, etc. The purpose of this review is to expose the representation of(More)
Security of an information system is becoming an increasingly critical issue. Access control is a crucial technique ensuring security. It should be based on an effective model. Even if some approaches have already been proposed, a comprehensive model, flexible enough to cope with real organisations, is still missing. This paper proposes a new access control(More)