Ouanes Aissaoui

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Software is moving towards evolutionary architectures that are able to easily accommodate changes and integrate new functionality. This is important in a wide range of applications, from plugin-based end user applications to critical applications with high availability requirements. This work presents a component based framework that allows introducing(More)
Reconfiguration is widely used for evolving and adapting systems that cannot be shut down for update. However, in distributed systems, supporting reconfiguration is a challenging task since a reconfiguration consists of distributed reconfiguration actions that need to be coordinated and the application consistency must be preserved. To address this(More)
Nowadays, Web Services (WS) remain a main actor in the implementation of distributed applications. They represent a new promising paradigm for the development, deployment and integration of Internet applications. These services are in most cases unable to provide the required functionality; they must be composed to provide appropriate services, richer and(More)
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